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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Singapore Here I Come

It was night time when our flight arrived.  I have ZERO idea of Singapore and all I know is the Changi airport and the MRT. But how will I ever reach my friend? Fortunately, I already got his number when I was in the Philippines. He told me to call after my arrival.

The airplane started to descend and the lights of Singapore beamed, glittering on the airplane's window. My heart began to beat faster as I knew that few minutes from now, I will step my foot in Singapore.  Got few goosebumps on me and I did not kept off my eye to the streets surrounding Changi Airport.  

Then I heard the wheels touched down and the engine started to roar for a halt. My eyes kept rolling around the window and kept looking at the whole airport.  What I see is so different from the Philippines.  The pavement are clean and signs are all over. All the fence lights are complete and I can see that the place is so organized.

This is it, Changi Airport 
All the passengers alighted the plane and I got the first breath of air. Never did I smell the smoke from the diesel and gas.  Singapore smells nothing but air, pollution is minimal.  The weather is just like the Philippine climate during February and this type of climate is consistent whole year round with occasional rains.

The Changi Airport, I tell you, is soooo nice with a capital AWESOME!  The combination of lights and the signs are everywhere and you can see it even if you're 50 meters away from it. You will never be lost, as long as you can read.

I went down to the to the immigration section and filled up the disembarkation card.  Prepared my passport and some documents.

It was my turn to face the Immigration Officer. I smiled to him and then he asked me these questions:

Welcome to Singapore, how long will you be staying? 
I came to a pause because the accent is not familiar to me, the Singlish (Singapore English), although I met some Singaporeans in the Philippines, but still the sound of it is foreign.

So I answered,
  ...I will stay here for 5 days.
Are you going to visit Malaysia?
  ....Yes sir.
OK then, Welcome to Singapo!!!

You notice that I took off the "re" on what he said "Singapore".  Because they pronounce Singapore as "Sing-ga-poh". You can not hear the R.  Well, I'm truly at this country and I don't mind to loose some R.

The Immigration experience at this point was the smoothest...

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