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Sunday, January 2, 2011

My First Trip to Singapore

It was cloudy when we left home going to the airport.  There was a little drop of rain dripping down the windshield on a hot summer season.

I was accompanied by my relatives bringing encouraging words and plans for my future in Singapore.  They never stopped encouraging me until we reached the NAIA Terminal 2. 

This is my second time away from my family but never felt different from the first. A feeling of loneliness and guilt, for using my family’s savings, is within me.  This is of the possibility finding new opportunities from other country, where I haven’t found any at home, Philippines.

With me were my passport and some e-ticket, which I have bought via internet few weeks ago.  Just a perfect timing that cost me USD 168.00, pretty low this year, equivalent to P7, 728 (P46/$).  A big savings from the regular fare of USD204.00 (P9,384).

I used my credit card and was happy to have it with me.  Everything comes in handy.  I’ll just wait for those billings to come in.

As we arrived at the NAIA Terminal 2, we parked our car on the area nearest to the entrance of International flights.  Everyone got off and we said goodbye to each and everyone.

My son looked at me and said "Good luck, dad!".  A thank you and a kiss were my reply to him and a goodbye kiss to my Wife.

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