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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My First Flight to Singapore

After the tragic and worst nightmare that I have encountered at the Philippine Immigration, I decided to buy myself a drink and a sandwich to ease myself up.  The PAL airport has food stores and mini-restaurants just after the immigration inspection.

I found a table with electrical sockets, where everyone can plug-in to their laptops.  So, I took out my laptop and did few of my computer rituals.  This laptop was the most useful thing that I brought to Singapore.  I will tell you more about it on my next posts.

The gate was then opened for boarding and everyone queued up quickly to be the first to board. I don't know why these people are always on the rush.  There are plenty of time and I'm sure the airplane will not depart without them in it.

At the Airplane
I got headaches and I can't sleep, so I found myself looking at the NAIA airport through the glass window, looking at the crews loading up our things.  My mind was still at my Family, don't have an idea if when can I have the perfect job and to sent money for them.  Bringing me along my debts, to pay for my trip and the processing of documents. So, I invented this words, "With Debt, 'Til I Depart".

The plane started to taxi and the seat-belt sign were switched on. The crew instructed us the standard procedures and the plane started to lift off...I can see Manila down below and the squatters are all around the airport area.  The Laguna Bay was then at my sight, with fishing pens scattered all over.  You can see how wide the lake is and the small houses along it's banks, like oyster clinging on a rock.

Then, clouds started to appear and the seat-belt was switched off.  The snacks, which let me forget about my family for a few minutes, were then served.

The three hours of  the flight was smooth...

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