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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inexperienced Job Hunter in Singapore

There is a comment, a question, sent to me by Mr. Paul at my blog post, "What Happened on my First Day at Work".  He asked me about this, as quoted:
Hello Ben
Im just curious as to my chances of finding employment in Singapore if I was successful with an EPEC application, I am a 24 year old British and my degree is in Construction Management (will graduate this summer in june/july in UK). 

What bothers me is that I havent got experience in construction management yet, but I have other transferable experiences to construction. In addition I can speak near fluent Malay, which I think could prove to be useful as my study of Singapore construction workers dictates the majority of them are foreigners.

I want to know your opinion please, as to whether I should wait 2 years and work in UK to gain construction management experience, or do what my heart desire and move to Singapore this year upon approval of my EPEC (if i get approved lol).

Does Language Matters?
With regards to languages, Singapore is not that concern with how you speak.  As long as you can communicate in English, there will be no problem with that.  You can see different races in Singapore, they are the majority from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, India, Bangladesh, and China, (I hope I didn't forget to mention few countries, sorry for that).  These are foreigners with a common denominator, they speak and communicate in English. Singapore is a trading hub in Asia, English is their official language in doing business.

Do They Really Need Experienced Worker?
The majority of employers in Singapore are hiring the best and experienced workers, as what Mr. Lee Kwan Yew stated as "Talented".  They need a talented and skilled foreign worker that will contribute to their fast growing Nation.

As far as I know, all of my friends who have landed a job here are skilled and experienced. That will range from 3 years and above working on their related field. For me, I have been working at my country, Philippines, for 10 years and landed a job in Singapore that is related with my experience.

Some of inexperienced Filipinos and Chinese, whom I've met, grabs the opportunities offered by the Job Agencies.  The problem with this, they are in a menial job and even pays Agent fees, ranging from S$2,500 to S$3,500  before commencement.

Inexperienced Job Hunter
If you have no financial concerns, you can visit Singapore as a tourist with or without an EPEC.  But less assured that you will land a job on Construction Management immediately.  This I can say is quite difficult for you and risky. But, if you are not picky enough, as you land here, start looking for a job that is related with construction and in line with the construction management level.

Be humble enough to accept that you are inexperienced.  Get the acceptable salary for you, even if its lower than what is expected, but fair enough, grab it.  This will gain you the experience and in the long run, as soon as your employer discovers your strengths and capabilities, the higher the chance you move to the next level and you have now a chance fulfilling your dream as a Construction Manager.

For your information, Singapore is building a new expressway parallel to the (CTE) Central Expressway.  My boss informed me about this, and Singapore will start on 2013.  They're now building the Jurong General Hospital (700 beds), ends on 2014 to 2015.  Nurses should also be aware of this opportunities.  There are a lot construction in Singapore now, and still on the rise.

Might be a good timing for you...Good Luck!


  1. Experience is the best weapon in finding a job.

  2. hi ben,, im a graduate of BS Nursing here in Phil, and im working now as a "call center agenT" for maybe around 6 months. i just graduates last march 2011, and became Registered by Aug. 2011.. Im planning to go there as a tourist and will try to look for a job. do you think i can find one? im not actually after to the work, as long as its good it will be fine.. what do you think? thanks in advance,,

    1. The Ministry of Manpower is particular on the job that you're applying. The degree should match with the job, so better find the right one. ex. nursing as nurse.


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