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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I Have Been Banned by a Forum Site!!!

Can someone tell me and explain to me why am I being banned from the Singapore Expats forum?

It happens that I just wanted to share my views and insights of Singapore.  I was once a newbie in Singapore and I know how it feels to know nothing about the place.

When you are the only one in a place, where everything are new. What will you expect?

Anyway, this is what they want, so I'll just keep on posting for those who needs more information about Singapore. Hopefully the forum will learn that I'm here to share.


  1. The term "expat" is often used in the context of professionals sent abroad by their companies, as opposed to locally hired staff (who can also be foreigners) such as your self. That's probably the reason why they kicked you out of the site...really sorry about that...

  2. What I understand about Expats are those people working in a country either temporary or permanent, which they are not citizens, for example Singapore. So, I am considered as a Singapore Expat.

    The funny thing is, they still kept on sending me ads on my emails even if they've banned me.

  3. Hi Ben!

    Internet Ads are generally computer-generated (they are spam, once they get your email address, expect truck loads already and they're not controlled by the site owners) and blocking/blacklisting in forum sites do not apply for these as they are a different entity altogether.

    I think the comment posted by the anonymous person above was a direct quote from wikipedia..The dictionary meaning of Expat is indeed what you have written.
    However,even in our company which is a multinational, there is a clear distinction between an Expat status and a foreigner who is a local hire abroad. Expats get free housing, free tuition for kids, relocation allowances, free food, free car and longer allowed leaves (about 2 months). They are usually considered as part of the "posh society" thus may be very restrictive in alllowing people to join their groups. The last expat we had here in the Manila has a salary range of not less than 8k USD per month, not exclusive of his other benefits - and get this, he's only a manager here!

    Hope this helps! :)

  4. Thanks for the information. But as a site owner, you can delete whoever you want to, at any time. They should sent me a rejection email. Well, anyway, I think I opened a wrong door this time.


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