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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hand-Carried Umbrella is a No No!

X-ray machine at the entrance is the first step to go through when you enter the airport Terminal 3, Philippines.  They will scan any prohibited items inside your baggage.

After the X-ray, I went to check-in my baggage at the counter and got my boarding ticket with me.  I then headed to the immigration gate, with a label "International Flights", where you will pay the terminal fee.  As an OFW, there's no need to pay for those fees, I just showed my OEC, Overseas Employment Certificate.

I went through the immigration officer for clearance and the next step was...x-ray machine, again.

What's up with the umbrella?   
My back pack is with me, as my hand-carry baggage.  I took off my shoes, keys, cellphones and place it together for scanning.  I placed my backpack at the conveyor and headed for the metal detector.

To my surprise, the x-ray officer asked me to remove my umbrella inside my backpack and told me that this is a prohibited item to hand-carry! I forgot to remove it at first hand.  I tried to call my relatives, but I can't reach them.  My flight is about to take in the minutes, so I decided not to bring it along.

There was lack of information! 
At the first entrance, x-ray scanning, they should have warned us about these prohibited items, so we could hand it to somebody immediately.  The problem is, they will tell you AFTER you have checked-in, passed the immigration officers and nobody to hand it over, except them.  This is my lesson learned and will not do it again.

As I handed my umbrella to the x-ray officer, I smiled to them and said "HAPPY NEW YEAR, nalang!"


  1. experienced the same last dec when i went to hk...but i was asked if i have an umbrella during weighing of our baggages so i was able to insert it on my baggage. lucky me! :-)

  2. They haven't informed me about that. And metric scale is prohibited as well. You're lucky to have been informed earlier.

  3. What is the problem about the umbrella? we also experienced it last 2 weeks ago lang.. my mom brought her umbrella (hand-carry) and the officer said it's prohibited.. May kasabayan kami na guy, and also, na-detect ung umbrella niya.. He was about to cry because he told the officer that it was given by her mom.. sabi ng officer, "Babalik namin sa'yo 'tong payong mo o hindi ka na sasakay?"..


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