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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Claiming My EPEC

I had a nice sleep last night but my back still aches. My friend went to work and our flat-mates are all out too. So, I was the only man left in our flat.  I looked out the window and decided to take pictures of Toa Payoh.  I was feeling happy, excited but the loneliness is still deep in my heart.  I have no one with me, who will call me daddy and hops on my back.  I have no wife telling  me to eat my breakfast, because the soup is getting cold.  Those are the things that I miss a lot.

My worries are still there. My EPEC is not yet served and I got only 30 days to find a job, do my Medical, and a lot more.

So, I sat down at my bed (a folding sofa)  and took out my documents from my bag.  I remembered that MOM(Ministry of Manpower) told me to arrange an appointment with them when I arrive in Singapore.

I took my laptop out and was surprised that the outlet does not fit.  Singapore has different Electrical Standards from the Philippines, they have Line, Neutral and Ground. Luckily, my friend has his adapter.

I browsed the net and found the contact number of MOM, General Inquiries 6438 5122.  I dialed the number and told them my problem.

They arranged an appointment for me at 3pm on the following day and said that I just ask the Information at level L1 and I should bring along my passport.

You can see the smile on my face at that time.  It was a perfect day for me...Truly a blessing!

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  1. I haven't receive my EPEC certificate, too here in Philippines. reading your post, i think i'll be having the same situation that you had been... sad..

  2. sir Ben, can you please help? I tried what you did, I called the MOM general inquiries, but I am confused to what menu should I go. I did chose in the self-help menu to talk to a customer rep. but they keep asking me for NIRC/FIN number.
    hope to hear from you. thank you very much!

  3. Do you have a name of the officer that handles your EPEC? Tell them that you're looking for that person and asking for your EPEC cert.

    You can also go directly to MOM, Havelock St., your last option. There are friendly customer service personnel at the L1. You can ready to give your EPEC number and the date of approval and of course the name of the officer (if you have).

  4. I guess, I really have to go to the MOM office...

    thank you very much for your answers, sir Ben..

  5. Hi Ben,

    So, you mean to say, you went to SG first before you even get your APEC certificate?

    Is it possible to have it completed here in the Phils. before flying to SG? 'coz I'm planning to depart on February but I already applied EPEC as early as September.

    By the way, thanks for the valuable information you share on your site!

  6. Usually, you will wait for the EPEC certificate in your country, Philippines, and bring it along when you visit SG (Singapore) and activate it to LTVP (Long Term Visit Pass).

    My certificate didn't arrived and kept me waiting for months until my trip to Singapore. When I arrived in SG, that's the time I called MOM to claim it personally.

  7. Hi Ben,

    Do you think I can do what you did? I mean, I really don't plan on waiting my certificate to arrive here in the Philippines and instead I will try to request for a copy in MOM when I go there this coming October. Btw, I just got my EPEC approved yesterday.


  8. Hi John, what I did is a desperate move because my EPEC certs did not show up until now, which if I waited, I'm still stuck in the Philippines.

    What I can suggest is to wait for few weeks or a month, hope you can endure it. Then, if still the certs are not delivered, send an email to MOM and the MOM Officer-in-Charge on your EPEC, to let them know that you'll pick up your certificate in Singapore.

  9. Hi Ben,
    I'm still waiting for my EPEC. It's been a long time now. Can somebody claim your certificate at MOM for you?



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