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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinatown Singapore on Chinese New Year

Two days from now, Chinese New Year will be celebrated here in Singapore. We're on a holiday from February 3 to 4 and that means, Ben's free time!  My friends will go home to Philippines, but I rather stay here and save the $500 worth of one way ticket and just wait when it drops to $80.  This time of year, a mass leave of absence were filed by Chinese employees so they could celebrate at their hometown.  

I was quite curious on how the Chinatown, Singapore will look like during this season.  Of course, it might be nice and exciting to see it for myself.  So, I went to Chinatown for just a sight-seeing and might as well bump to something elegant items, which I can send to my Wifey.

The Way to Chinatown Singapore
I ride the Green line MRT and my aim was to alight at Outram Park station.  I transfered to the Purple line MRT going to Punggol and Chinatown is just one station from Outram.

By the time I arrived at Chinatown MRT Station, I saw crowds of people from all races going to the Exits.  With a crowd like this, it's totally new to me because I used to uncrowded MRT stations.

Anyway, I took the Exit to Pagoda Street , a street where everything you see are stores. See the 360 View of the Pagoda Street... Souvenirs are all over and some house decorations and danglers for Chinese New Year.  I took some photos of them for you to take a look.

MRT Exit to Pagoda Sreet 

Scarves and clothes are sold here. 

Look at those key-chains and magnetic souvenirs

These are the Chinese decorations

I took a photo of this, but too bad, it's plastic

The little dragons are all over me

Food house in Pagoda Street where
you can see mostly White foreigners

Just as I turned right from the food house

Buy Singapore-printed shirts 3 for $10. 

Street going to the Smith Street, food courts.

These are also the magnetic souvenirs. 
The best that I have on that day are the freebies from the merchants, which is jelly with different fruit flavors. I got the peach-flavored jelly.  The taste is sweet and the aroma of the peach is mouth watering, totally delicious...
Worth $1.50 per 100g
Happy New Year to all my Chinese readers...

Give Me More, Singapore!

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