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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Bus Terminals in Singapore

Riding a Bus in Singapore is the most convenient way, for me.  I feel like I'm safe and can estimate my time of arrival to point B.

Anyway, I would like to share to you why Singapore has a convenient Bus transportation.

Why is it convenient?
This place is at the ground floor of Jurong East Interchange MRT Station. After alighting from the MRT, just tap out and go down to the ground floor, turn right when you see the foodcourt, like karenderias but cleaner.  Then, you can see the Bus Terminal.  Check out the LCD screen hanging on the ceiling that has an information of the Bus departure time. See...they have these kind of information, and it's by the minutes! 

 Look how clean the place is, no litters on sight.

You know why?  
If you're caught throwing litters in Singapore, a very FINE day will be experienced, you will be fined S$300 for doing this.  Is it FINE for you?

If you are looking for which bus to hop on to go to your destination, you can see a list and a brochure stand in one corner of the terminal where each bus number has it's route information.  Check it out and find your way to the bus number post like this photo below, Bus number 105 is going to SERANGOON.

Queue in this railings and wait for the bus to arrive.  Each railings has its designated bus number.  This is a place where you can't see someone pushing each other just to be the first to board.

If you can't ride the first bus, wait for the next.  The next one will arrive 3 to 5 minutes after, but depends on the route and the peak hour time.

When the bus arrives, you can only board the Bus at the front door, that's the Entrance.  The door at the middle is the EXIT.  If ever the bus is full of passengers, you can EXIT at the Entrance door and tap out your EZ-link at the device found on the photo below. There are two at the entrance beside the driver and two at the Exit just beside Auntie.

Now, tell me how convenient the Singapore Bus transportation is.  Please leave some comments.

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  1. thats cool. Singapore government is indeed doing a great job.

  2. no hot mamas to bump into... thats boring =P

    wish a model Metro Manila city can try this.. or at least along edsa..

    to put some order and discipline..


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