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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bus and MRT First Timer

It was a beautiful day when I woke up at the airport.  There are people from all walks of life passing by me.  I decided to get up from the seats, before they throw coins at me, and take my breakfast. Oh boy, my back aches, those seats are not flat enough.  That was like sleeping in mono blocks arranged side by side.  It really hurts.  Then, I went for breakfast with a cup of coffee and a Malay food, I forgot what's it called.  It has coconut milk, chilli and a lot more chilli, spicy HOT!

Then I looked around to find a phone booth.  I brought my cellphone with me, but the problem is, I don't have my Singapore SIM yet.  I didn't avail the roaming of SMART and GLOBE, I find it expensive.  Lucky that I have coins with me.  I took out my S$0.10 and inserted in the pay-phone, a 3-min call.  What an ignorant I was then.  After few minutes, my friend came and greeted me warmly and down we go to the Changi MRT Station.

At the MRT
We went down to Changi MRT station and bought my EZ-link card at the counter.  It was worth S$15 with a S$10 load back then. That was my first time to hear the word Tap Out and Tap In.  This is the magic word for  opening the barrier, like "Open Sesame!".  You'll know what I mean when you get here, it's just like tapping at the bus.  Well, the technologies are all new to me, I narrowed the technology gap few days after.

Singapore looks just like the Philippines but cleaner. It was a jaw-dropping scene when I saw the streets, the trees that are well arranged, the buildings are all like newly painted and the MRT itself has no litters.  I'll give you S$1.00 if you can see one.

At the Bus
This I tell yah, is totally new.  I used to bumping people, to ride the bus in the Philippines. But now, everything is in order.  When the bus arrives, you can see the respect from other people. If your shoulder is in front of them. They'll let you come in first, such a professional!

I tapped in my EZ-link card at the bus ticketing device. Tapping is just touching your card on the device, no penetration, oopps...! Is it foul? Anyway, the device will display "New Ride" and how much is your current balance is.  You can see a green light and hear one beeping sound. So, your good to go. If it is red and four beeps, you cannot go in or the driver will shout at you "Hello!!!".  You can pay cash (coins)by dropping it at the drivers fare box.

Exiting the bus is just tapping out your EZ-link card again.  This time it displays how much was your fare and your current balance.  Convenient enough, huh!

We arrived at my friends house and I slept for the whole day.  I was so tired with a backache...zzzzz!

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  1. Talagang pinoint out ang penetration... Pansin na pansin tuloy...


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