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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Airlines Serving Philippines to Singapore

I'm always looking for the cheapest way so I can save some money for my other budget.  One of my consideration is finding the cheapest or economical way to visit the Philippines from Singapore or vice versa. This includes the airline tickets.  Finding it is now easy to do just by a click of a mouse.

What are the airlines serving Philippines to Singapore and vice versa?
There are five airlines that are now serving passengers from Singapore to Philippines and back.  These airlines are sometimes called the Budget Airlines, known for its low cost.

I have a list below with their links for you to consider.

1. Philippine Airlines
     I tried this airline on my way from Philippines to Singapore.  So far, the best that I have.  But the cost is the highest but there is a free meal.

2. PAL Express (Formely Airphil Express
This is my airline when I went home for my Christmas vacation, roundtrip. The plane is clean with a 200 passenger capacity.  The crew were nice, selling snacks during the flight. For me, just the same flight experience with Jetstar but lands on Terminal 3, which is my favorite Philippine airport.

3. Tiger Airways

4. Cebu Pacific

5. Jetstar

The airplane is clean with friendly flight attendants.  The capacity is around 200 passengers.  What I don't like is the terminal where it lands, which is the Terminal 1 in the Philippines.


  1. Sir ask ko lang if we can have access at Changi Terminal 1,2,3...we are arriving thru Budget Terminal thanks

  2. Hi,Yes you can access Terminals 1,2 &3 by:
    1. Taking the shuttle bus from Budget Terminal to Terminal 2, it's FREE.
    2. Then you can ride the LRT(terminal links) to transfer to Terminal 3 and 1.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Thank you so much sir for the and my friend plan to spare a couple of hours around terminal 3 or 1 as we arrive before her friend picks us up...or you could suggest sir a nearest destination that we could take..thanks again


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