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Monday, December 20, 2010

Visiting Johor Bahru, Malaysia from Singapore

I've been to Johor Bahru (JB) with my friends, to watch a movie and eat snacks and dinner.  The best snack was from the KFC.  Try their chicken with the Thai sauce and you'll love it to the bones.

Getting to JB is so easy if you're from Singapore. I'll tell you how...

How to go to Johor Bahru from Singapore?
Ride the MRT (Red Line) to Kranji Station, go down until you reach the bus terminal at the ground floor and look for the bus 170 displaying the Johor Bahru and Kuta Raya sign.  You can use your EZlink card.  The trip from Kranji Station to the Singapore immigration will take you around 20 minutes.

Check this 360 View of Kranji MRT Station.

What to do after reaching the Singapore Immigration checkpoint?
All passengers of the bus should alight to undergo the immigration checkpoint.  When alighting, going down the bus, you can use your EZlink card to top out. The Top Out device will not display the amount you consumed because you need to ride back after you have finished the checkpoint. 

Follow all passengers up to the immigration and choose an officer, handsome or pretty one!  Whoever you like.  Present your passport and your disembarkation card.  As for the Pass Holders, workers, just the IC and passport will do.  The immigration officer will just ask few questions and will scan your passport. 

Proceed and follow everyone to the ground floor, where the bus 170 is, and again top in your EZlink card.  The bus will then go to the Malaysian Immigration, which is a 15-minute ride from the Singapore Immigration.  You'll pass by the bridge connecting Malaysia and Singapore, an estimate of 2 kilometer length.

What to do when reaching the Malaysian Immigration checkpoint?
Same thing as Singapore Immigration, alight the bus and proceed to the immigration but this time you have to get an Embarkation card and fill all the required information, bring your own ball pen.  With too many visitors coming in, no ball pens are available.  Bring the card with you to the immigration officer together with your passport, and IC if you're a Singapore worker.  Answer few questions and you're ready to go.  You can change your Dollar to Malaysian Ringgit at the money changer just after the immigration.  Follow those visitors until you reach the Mall, which is connected to the Immigration office. You're now in Malaysia, my friend!!!

Enjoy everything you can in JB, Malaysia.  The price of movies, snacks, clothes and dinner are cheaper than in Singapore. Now you know why we go there...

Going Back to Singapore
When you enter Malaysia, they usually give you 30 days to stay.  But if you're just visiting for a day or even half day, it's still alright.

When you're done touring around Johor Bahru, any part of Malaysia, or just the City Square Mall, go back to the Malaysian Immigration Checkpoint and ride the 170 bus at the ground floor to take you to Singapore Immigration Checkpoint.

Alight the 170 bus when reaching the Singapore Immigration Checkpoint and proceed to the immigration inspection.  Then, back down to the ground floor and ride the 170 bus again to take you to Kranji.  You're now back to Singapore!

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  1. after ba sa immigration ng malaysia, sasakay uli sa bus 170? San dapat bumaba?
    ano pwedeng pasyalan sa JB?
    Pwede ba ng half day lang then balik na rin ng sg mga 2 PM?
    san sasakay pabalik ng SG?
    Sensya na, daming tanong. Thanks na rin in advance...

  2. After the Malaysian Immigration, it will link you to the City Square Mall, 10-minute walk, where you can do shopping. You're now free to go elsewhere. You can ride a taxi or bus to tour around Malaysia, it's your choice.

    We usually visit Malaysia at 2pm and back to Singapore at 8pm.

    I've added in the post about going back to Singapore.

  3. Thanks a lot :)

  4. Hi Ben,

    If you enter Malaysia, and go back to Singapore, will the immigration issue a new short term pass in Singapore?


  5. Yes, they will issue a short term pass for 30days.

  6. Hi Ben,

    After JB, how can I get to KL? Because from Singapore we want to go to Hello Kitty then KL. Thanks!

    1. At Johor Bahru, you can ride a bus starting from there to KL. I'm not sure about that place though. You can ask the authorities at the Malaysian immigration checkpoint.

      If you're in Singapore. You can book a bus, here's the link...


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