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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sending Gifts to Philippines from Singapore

Christmas is coming and I need to send gifts to my relatives in the Philippines. What I was thinking now is to send shampoos, detergents, soap or lotions.  These things can be ideal to send because its in liquid form.  If you bring this with you through the airport would cause you delays and even rejection from the airport customs.  It is because liquid substance are not aloud to be hand-carried.  If you check those in, you'll consume your free baggage just for these liquids.

Anyway, my box arrived few days ago and I need to fill it up.  I have my television set, an old one, ready for packing.  Then the next will be things for my relatives.

Where can I send my gifts in Singapore to Philippines?
There are many box forwarders in Singapore and you can find them in Lucky Plaza.  I asked few of my friends about the price, ranging from S$90 to S$110.  It depends on how big the box is, it can be in a 23x23x41" that is what they call SUPER MEGA and the TIPID box is 18x15x18".  You can choose the size you want.

The forwarder that I have inquired  is the ASIAPAC Services.  You can call them at +65 6738-1390 to 91. Their location at Lucky Plaza is at 4th floor, unit number 28.

My box is the MEGA box which is 24x24x37".  This will be ideal for my television and there are extra spaces where I can insert few other things.  You can fill it up as long as you can cover, at any weight.  This costs S$105 dollars and the delivery charge of the box is S$10, but can be deducted to the total cost.

I better be packing now and have to send it before their Wednesday cutoff.  It will be sent on Friday to Philippines. This will take 2 weeks to arrive, so better start now. Kawee!!!

If you have some questions? Just send a comment below, thanks!

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