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Friday, December 3, 2010

Remittance: Sending Money to Philippines

I got my month salary yesterday and need to complete my obligations. Remittance is my monthly routine, sending part of my money to my family. So, I just want to share with you few things regarding remittance...

Where to Send or Remit money from Singapore to Philippines?

It sounds easy, but quite a little bit risky. My way of withdrawing money is not to withdraw far from the remittance station. Given that you have this large amount of money that is worth thousands of pesos in your pocket-converted from Singapore dollar to peso, you should be aware that even if it's Singapore, some places wouldn't be safe. A tip that you should consider when bringing money in any other country.

I boarded the Green Line MRT to Raffles Place Station and transfered to the Red Line going to Orchard. Lucky Plaza is my target destination and it's in that place, it's also where the Philippine remittance stations are located and the place where Filipinos meet.

How to Send or Remit money?

There are plenty of remittance stations in Lucky Plaza. You can remit your money in Metrobank, PNB, LBC, BPI, etc... What I have is the Metrobank where I can send my money directly to my Metrobank Philippines account.

If you are going to use Metrobank, you first need to get a registration form from the teller. You'll need to put your information and options to what account your money will be sent. They will then give you an identification card. This card can now be used in your future remittance.

You have to fall in line or Queue, as a Singapore term, then wait for your turn. When called, show your ID to the clerk, say the amount you want and where to send. Pay SGD4.00 for every transaction. This will just take 3 minutes to complete. Do not forget to sign and confirm the receipt. Check all the amount and information written on that receipt.

Keep all the receipt because Metrobank has a promo where they will deduct S$1.00 in every three transactions with them.

After the remittance, go out and stroll around Orchard. A great place to be.

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