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Friday, December 10, 2010

Parking Coupons and the Penalties in a Singapore Way

My friend parked in a parking area. Instead of peeling a new parking coupon, he placed a used coupon on his dashboard instead.  He thought that this can save him money by doing this.

After few days, a letter from HDB (Housing Development Board)  invited him to come to court to appear against a case for using a used parking coupon.  Surprised and don't know what to do, he asked his friend, an experienced one about the nature of the courts invitation. His friend just told him that it's alright, you just go there like a confession.

The day came, scared to death, was seating in a chair with the HDB representative on the other side.  The judge on his front and a man called his name to stand on front.  The judge then gave him the penalty of...SGD800.00 (PHP26,400) for using a used parking coupon.

What is a parking coupon?
A parking coupon is paper board with a 6"x8" inches in dimension.  Usually comes in colors (violet, orange and yellow depends on its value). It has holes punched partially on it where you can completely peel the designated number of the year, month, day and time you have parked your vehicle. It has a serial number like a receipt.

Where can I buy these coupons?
Coupons come in booklet, with a SGD0.50, SGD1.00 and SGD2.00 value.  You can buy in any convenience store like CHEERS and 711 with a minimum of one booklet per transaction. A SGD0.50 value coupon cost SGD10.00 per booklet. Just tell the cashier that you want to buy a Parking Coupon.

What will you do with it?
After you turned off your engine in a parking area, take a coupon with corresponding value for the time you want to park on the area.  Each parking space indicates the amount of parking per 30 mins. Usually, like the HDB and public places, SGD0.50 per 30 mins.  So if you want to park for 2 hours on that area, you need to peel 4 pieces of coupon with SGD0.50 value.  The time peeled on the coupon should be continous...

For example: You parked at 8:00am at HDB parking area with SGD0.50 per 30 mins fee.  Then you want to stay for 2 hours, so until 10:00am.

Peel the designated year, month, day of the 4 coupons. For the time, peel the first at 8:00am, second at 8:30am, third at 9:00am and fourth is 9:30am.

If you have a coupon of SGD1.00 value, just peel two pieces of it with the time at 8:00am and 9:00am.

Display these coupons on your dashboard so that the parking personnel will see it clearly.

Make sure that you have to stay for just 2 hours or else, if time elapses, you need to pay SGD30.00 for not displaying a parking coupon.

Follow the rules and everything will be flawless!

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  1. Great article!. I was reading and thinking that how you'll get a fresh and clean coupon for parking.


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