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Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Christmas Time in Singapore 2010

Jingle Bells are everywhere and FM radio plays all types of Christmas songs, it's Christmas time Singapore!

We roamed around Orchard road to see the beautiful lights and decoration hanging, dangling along the streets.  There are singers and performers, where I admit, some don't perform well.

I also saw this living statue, just like in Philippine malls, where they move like robots.  The man at Orchard painted himself to look like a skeleton.  He's skinny and long haired, like an addict, you know what I mean.  He moves awkward. That's what I don't like with his performance.  But people still loves him.

The best that I saw was the performance of the two Chinese girls.  They bend their body to the maximum and thought they will break their bones. Aghh! But I like it a lot.

I bought one mineral water 320ml from the street vendor, which costs me SGD1.00.  The ice cream bar was a total hit with the by-passers.  They sell it wrapped in sandwiches or you may have an option of having it in wafers, cost SGD2.00.

I took a 360 degrees video of the whole place so you can see how beautiful it is, I'll upload it later.  It is totally nice and safe for tourists. Don't miss this place if you want some good time.

Please leave some comments below and you may request me to cover something in Singapore, I will love to do that.  Thanks...

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