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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Driving In Singapore

I got so lucky that my job here in Singapore involves driving. You can go anywhere around the place while doing your job. Nice one right? The problem now is that I am getting fat because of this.

Previously, I go home without a car since going home at Singapore is so easy by trains and buses. I walked 10 mins to the MRT station and ride a bus to my office. That's the easiest part. Since Singapore is a rainy place, sometimes you have a hard time commuting.

Anyway, going back to the car thing. Yeah, that's a good thing having this luxury but the problem is it comes with a cost. What do I mean?

Parking in Singapore will cost you SGD90.00 a month for a HDB parking fee, these are the parking for HDB tenants. By the way, HDB is a building residence, condominium-as commonly known in the Philippines, type housing but with a lower rental fee than a condominium.

During weekdays and Saturdays, parking at the public places is SGD1.00/hour and worst is inside the malls, which cost you SGD2.50 first 3 hours and SGD1.50/hour for the next additional hours.


  1. Hi Ben good day! I would just like to ask your help regarding my concern about getting a driving license in SG, Im planning to apply for a job there in sales and i'd like to believe that i'm qualified for most of the openings which is basically related to my specialization. the only thing is that most of them are requiring a C3 DL. I have an international license issued by the LTO, will it be impossible for me to apply for a C3 DL since im not a PR? (still waiting for my EPEC approval)hope you can enlighten me regarding this, what are the requirements, and the process. hoping for your swift reply Thanks.Rico

  2. Hi Rico, you are asking the right person. I am not a PR, but an Employment Pass(EP)holder. I made the post here...Check these links.

  3. Thanks for the swift reply indeed, i really appreciate it. So i would assume that passing the BTT and converting your DL is automatically considered a C3DL as what most companies requires? I'm just confuse with the classification because there are C4 for Large vehicles, hope this is not to much to ask..again =)

  4. Hi Rico, I have a Non-Prof DL (Restrictions 2) in Philippines. When converted to Singapore, its Class 3 (motor cars=<3000kg with =<7 passengers, exclusive of the driver; and other motor vehicles =<2500kg). C4 is special, you need to undergo Driving lessons and tests so you can drive buses and trucks. I don't think you need C4 for your sales job.

  5. Best information on driving in Singapore. Really appreciate with the given information. I liked it a lot


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