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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cost of My Fare in Singapore

Going home from work is not a hassle, as what I have experienced through my 8-month stay here in Singapore.  I walk 20 minutes from work to the MRT Station, but I have the option to ride a bus. In order to save cents and have a healthy lifestyle, I do the walking as my daily exercise.

In the morning, usually I get up at 7:00am, do my daily routine, heating up my food, etc...  Then I walk 10 minutes to the MRT station and ride a bus.  It will take me about 30 minutes for the whole trip.  All trips are interconnected and it is so convenient.  It is like riding the Monumento LRT going to Pasay, where after reaching your destination, jeepneys are waiting for you downstairs. The system is almost the same but in a wider and cleaner environment.

The total cost of my fare is around SGD2.30 back and forth.  It is not bad at all.  Rainy days would be a slight problem, but it can be managed.  Almost 80 percent of the pathways are all covered and these are connected to the stations.  Just bring your umbrella always, usually the small ones, which can fit in to your bag.  This comes in handy because rain in Singapore is unpredictable.

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