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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Basic Theory Test for Driving

I am proud to tell you guys that my score in the BTT (Basic Theory Test) for driving is 47 out of 50.  But still I will not know what was the 3 mistakes.  Anyway, I'll tell you how I prepared, took the test for BTT.

But wait...Before you apply for a BTT, you must have a Qualified Foreign Driving License and an International Driver's Permit (IDP).  You can drive in Singapore within 12 months using  these two license.

What to Prepare before the BTT?
I have done the scheduling of my exam and waited for the judgement day, BTT examination.  But before that, few months ago, I purchased the Basic Theory Handbook. This serves as my reviewer, everything you want to know about the rules, road signs and what to do during driving are found inside.  I bought it for S$6.00, the receipt that they gave me is a large A4 size paper and was a little bit surprised with that.

I reviewed the book, a month before the test and tried to observe the actual road signs and rules comparing with the handbook if anything is unclear to me.

What happened during the BTT Exam?
I arrived 30 mins before my test, a little nervous and excited as well. My passport, passport size photo , and IC (Identification Card) is with me, brought a pen just to be sure.  Ate my lunch,fish and rice, at the 1st level of Bukit Batok Driving Center Cafeteria. Quite expensive though, because of the fish. Fish dishes are expensive in Singapore, S$3.50 was taken from me because of that.

After my early lunch, I went up to the 2nd level and in the Classroom 1.  There were few people waiting at the corridor, holding their Handbooks.  I didn't brought mine because it will just make me stressed.

Few minutes past, the officer called us to come in.  The room was huge, an 8x10 meter area, my estimate. I showed my IC and passport to the officer waiting at the entrance and he gave me a sheet of paper, where the computer number is indicated as well as a Password. I sat down to my designated computer screen and looked around.  Waited for further instructions from the officer.

The officer showed us an instruction video and later gave us the go signal to key-in our password on the  computer LCD touchscreen.  The touchscreen are lined side by side and with another on front.

Every question is displayed per page one at a time. You can press the button on the LCD corresponding to your answer. After you finished each question, you can press the next button to proceed to the other and the Question List to check whether you missed a question.  There are total of 50 questions and you have 50 minutes to complete.

Cameras are in every corner of the room. Definitely, you cannot copy to the one next to you.  Also, you have different questions at a given time.

After you have answered all the questions and you're confident enough to stop the test. You have to press the End button and the result will then be displayed instantly.

What to do After the Test?
I printed my results at the kiosk and went directly to counter to get my queuing number.  The counter is just beside the classroom 1.  I waited for an hour, completed the pink form, then at number was called.  I presented the Passport (photocopy and original), IC, Philippines driver's license and passport size photo.  Then I paid S$50.00.

They gave me a temporary drivers license in a form of a paper and told me that I have to wait for my driver's license card delivered at my home address.  I went home and bought the Probationary Plate in the Popular bookstore for S$13.50.  The plate should be displayed for a year at the front and back, top right, as facing the car.  See this photo...

IDP Conversion to Singapore Driver's License


  1. Im converting mine also. scheduled at july 10, 2013 for my basic theory exam. I have my IDP and used it several times to drive in it really a must to have an IDP for conversion? or the philippine driver's license is enough? thanks :)

    1. Yes, you can only drive, using the IDP, for one year, then you need to convert it to a Singaporean Driving License.

  2. Can I convert to Singapore license without an IDP and just only the Philippine License?

    1. No, you need to present the LTO driver's license and the IDP from the Automotive Association of the Philippines (AAP).

  3. hi Ben, thanks for your informative blog posts.
    i also took the BTT and passed.
    in my conversation with the officer at the counter to convert my license, she asked me for an extract of driving license record from the Licensing Authority (LTO), indicating the date of first issue of my Phil license.
    did you also provide them this? what were the steps you took to get this extract of driving license records from the LTO?


    1. Hi J, Congrats! Now, you can drive here in Singapore!

      They did not ask for the extract of my driving license from the LTO. They just photocopied my Philippine license together with my International Drivers Permit (IDP) from AAP. Your case is quite new to me.

      Few years ago, when I was applying to Dubai, I went to the Main LTO at Quezon City East Avenue and got the LTO certificate. I think, you can also get your driving license records there.

      With regards to driving in Singapore questions, you can ask me anytime.

  4. Hi Ben, my Phil Driver's License Code is 12. What vehicle class can I drive when I convert it to Singapore? Thanks

  5. Hi Jeff, my Philippines Driver's License is 2....When I converted it in Singapore. They gave me Class 3...

  6. Is there any expiry on the converted license? Is renewal of license needed?

    1. My license will expire after 5 years then I need to renew it.


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