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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Glance of Singapore Zoo


Singapore Zoo is the place where kids and kiddie-hearted parents may enjoy.  I can say that almost all animals are inside the Singapore Zoo, it's like Noah's Ark.  Getting there is easy, I can ride a bus and MRT, but fortunately, we have a car that time.

We went inside at around 9am and bought the ticket on the spot.  It cost S$17.00, where we can have the Tram and Boat ride.

This Zoo is so huge, we did not complete to see the whole area, with the picture taking, eating and resting...

Why not the Tram?
Because we like to walk and see animals on every corner of the zoo, we didn't ride the Tram due to its limited visibility on animals that are way beyond the roadside view. But, it is useful to those who don't like walking.

Experience the Boat Ride!
This ride is is highly recommended.  If you like the view of the lake and want to see swimming turtles, this is for you.  It will take you an estimate of 30 minutes to reach the other port.

Is food allowed inside the Zoo?
We brought with us our packed lunch, "adobong" chicken and rice. We also have our 1.5L bottle with refilled water.  You can save a lot if you do this instead of eating inside the Zoo restaurants.  There is a place inside the zoo where you can eat your lunch, the Picnic Area.

A glance inside the Singapore Zoo
I took pictures of the Zoo and thought that I can share it with you.  Take a look at the photos, but I recommend that you visit it and see the White Tiger personally .

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