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Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Happened on my First Day at Work?

Time to wake up, an alarm rung in the middle of my beautiful dream. Then I realized, it wasn't a dream, it's time to go for work. Not an ordinary day because it's my FIRST day at work in Singapore!

I closed and opened my hands 5 times to circulate my blood on me. This is my routine before getting off my bed. It circulates your blood through your veins telling your heart not to pump heavily, preparing it for the day.

The toilet, what they call it here and same as the CR (Comfort Room) as we used to, was empty. Thank God I have no toilet rivals around here. My room mates are still asleep.

Took my bath and get dressed, a polo and slacks. That is what you call, Japorms.

A little walk to the bus station, waited 15 minutes for the bus intervals. Tapped my wallet, with the EZ-link on the bus' payment sensor. I don't know the real name but it's just a sensor, giving you information on the amount left on your card and beeps if it's alright for you to hop on.

After standing inside the bus for about 15 minutes, I made a fast-phase-walk through the train and tapped my Ez-link card again to the train station electronic barrier and off I go to the other side of Singapore where my office is located.

I went down the station and tapped my card again to the Exit electronic barrier and proceeded to the Hawkers to eat my breakfast.

My breakfast was a Chinese noodle food, forgot the name but it's delicious. For about 15 minutes, I finished it all and drank my mineral water. I always bring a bottle of mineral water with me, refill it when I have the opportunity. Mineral water costs S$0.80 or more here.

Went straight to the bus. Buses her in Singapore has it's designated number where it has its own route apart from the others. So, I was used to it during my interviews, that's why it's just a chicken feed for me.

I arrived 30-minute earlier at my office and was still locked up. At around 2 minutes, a Chinese guy opened the door and escorted me inside.

As a first timer, my boss made a briefing and escorted me to each corner of the office and showed me my table. We've conducted a short meeting with other employees.

My boss got my documents to process at the MOM. I was instructed that we, together with a colleague, will be going to a client. This is my first time to work after a 2-week TV and internet craze.

So, we did the job on time an went back to the office to refresh ourselves. My Japorms didn't worked out well. I was instructed to wear jeans and polo shirts instead. This is much comfortable doing the job.

After the clock ticked to 6:30pm, my boss asked me something about the Philippines. I decided not to go home early, I accommodated his queries and was hoping that he learned something from me.

It was time to go home, 7:30pm at my cellphone timer. Back on to the bus and didn't go straight to the train station but to the Hawker instead. Ate my dinner, Chicken Rice, a fried rice with smoked chicken on top. Of course, it was yummy!

Got home tired and sleepy, ate one sweet pear before bedtime. What a fine day, wew!


  1. Hello Ben

    Im just curious as to my chances of finding employment in Singapore if I was successful with an EPEC application, I am a 24 year old British and my degree is in Construction Management (will graduate this summer in june/july in UK).

    What bothers me is that I havent got experience in construction management yet, but I have other transferable experiences to construction. In addition I can speak near fluent Malay, which I think could prove to be useful as my study of Singapore construction workers dictates the majority of them are foreigners.

    I want to know your opinion please, as to whether I should wait 2 years and work in UK to gain construction management experience, or do what my heart desire and move to Singapore this year upon approval of my EPEC (if i get approved lol).



  2. Hi Paul, my answer is too long.I made a post just for you. You can check on this link

    Thanks for reading my blog.


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