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Monday, March 22, 2010

Singapore Vocabularies

For the few days of my stay in Singapore, few words have been drilled to my fresh brain. These are the vocabularies that I never had heard when I was in the Philippines.

Alight - If you're riding in a bus or any other Singapore's transportation medium, say this word when you want to unload.

Backpackers - These are people renting a bed-space and pays about S$20 a day.

Anaps - This is what they call people born in India. Filipinos invented this.

Itik - Another name calling for Indian people.

Expats - Workers from other countries working in Singapore.

HDB - A residential building , in Filipino terms, it's well known as Condominium but with a low cost.

Hawkers- A "Karenderia" type eatery, but it's clean. Famous for cheap varieties of food ex: 1 rice, 2 veg, 1 meat combo costs you SGD2.70. Drinks not included.

Uncle - Address to older males (ex. Uncle, where is the MRT?)

Auntie - Address to older females (ex. Auntie, how much is this?)

Brother - Address to males with the same age levels

Top up - also known as load in cellphones and EZlink card

These are all for now, I'll keep you updated. Keep in touch.

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