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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reasons Why Filipinos Work Abroad?

These questions dug in to my mind when I started to chat with some of my friends around the net. They are so happy of what they have now and what they do. Friends that you have known for years and have discovered their weakness and strengths.

Some of them are not been expected to do things such great that even the Mr. Nice can't do. Yet, they landed on the job that I envied me a lot.

This was the reason why I started to think of working abroad. Doing this can earn me some skills, experience and ambition to do things right in the future.

I am just one of the millions of Filipinos who dreamed going somewhere and some point on earth. But, all don't have the same reasons. These lists are some of it;

1. Financial - Every one has financial problems especially us in the Philippines. Some can not bear to see the rice and salts served on their plates. Filipinos are family driven, and family are worth dying for.

2. Getting Out of the Law - When someone is in trouble, a need of getting out of the fire is essential. The only thing to do is go out of the country.

3. Hated the present Government - They don't like the government. Some of them migrated to other countries to see the greener pasture.

4. Experience and Skills Upgrade - Skills and experience are essential in a growing being. It boosts the moral and confidence which may lead to doing business back at home or having an ambition to be the head of a company.

One of these reasons can be yours, but, it could be in combination. Whatever it is, think of it twice and ask yourself, Do I really need to go abroad?

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