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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting an EPEC

NOTE: As of December 01, 2011, EPEC Scheme is discontinued by MOM...Read More.

From the very first time I started planning to go to Singapore, I was hesitant to visit there as a tourist. I chat with my friends to know how to get there and find a job much longer. Luck comes in me, a friend of mine suggested me to secure an EPEC.

That is what I did. But first, I was disapproved and finally got one. How did I do it? Read it here...

What in the world is EPEC and its connection to applying abroad?

EPEC stands for Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate. This pass allows any individual in the Philippines and other qualified countries to find a job in Singapore for a period of one year. Yes, you read it right, 1 year! Cool, right?

But there's a big IF?

The approval body for these type of application is the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) in Singapore.

They will only approve you if you're within their eligibility criteria. These are their conditions...

1. Your course is qualified and is in the list of the MOM's qualifications.
2. Your Alma Mater is listed on their qualifications.
- For individuals living in the Philippines, you must be a graduate in this lists of schools.
Asian Institute of Management

Ateneo de Manila University
De La Salle University
Mapua Institute of Technology
University of the Philippines (Diliman)
University of Santo Tomas

If you think you are eligible, visit the link to MOM's website and apply for an EPEC.

Please take note, as soon as you're approved, you must use it for this will only be issued for you on one-time basis and not renewable.

If you FAIL, you can try to re-apply after 90 days. Don't lose hope!

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  1. Hi Ben A., so does it mean na kapag wala sa list ung alma mater ko hindi na ko pwedeng magapply ng epec? :( requirement po ba un sa pagapply ng isang foreigner sa singapore? thanks!

  2. Hi, sorry but MOM had stopped the EPEC scheme. Please read the top NOTE.Thanks...

  3. Hi Ben,

    Firstly, thanks for publishing such an informative website about being a foreigner in Singapore, it has certainly answered a lot of questions and concerns.

    Secondly, since the withdrawal of the EPEC, do you know what current visa will allow a foreigner to now seek employment legally in Singapore? I understand that the Social Visit Pass does not really allow this.

    I have looked on the ICA and MOM sites, but it's not very clear as to what visa to have.

    Any advice you can give will be much appreciated :)

    1. So far, the government have not come up with any other means for foreigners to find jobs here legally in a 30-day visit. They are now controlling the influx of foreign workers to give way to their citizens.

      There are two ways which a foreigner can find a job in Singapore: First, apply jobs in Singapore from your country and come here as a legal worker. Secondly, this is what other foreigners do, they come here for a SVP and look for a job within a 30-day period...a risky situation since it is not allowed, but who knows when the luck knocks.


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