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Thursday, March 11, 2010

EPEC Approved, What's Next?

It was September 2009 when I got a good news from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower) Singapore.  I sat for a moment in silence, closed my eyes and inhaled deep down to the rock bottom, and shouted...WAHHHHH!

Success! Finally I got an EPEC.  I told my wifey about it and was so happy to know the news.  At first, there were so many plans on my mind, and don't know how to start.

The letter from MOM, which I have received upon their approval was:
"We are pleased to inform you that your application for an Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) EPEC-2009-xxxxx has been approved. Your certificate will be sent to your mailing address:"
How long will the EPEC Certificate be sent?
They did not said how long will it take to send it, so I decided to do some research. There were informations online that it will take 1 month to receive my copy.  My plan to Singapore was not that urgent so I decided to wait for a month.

I waited for some time until my calendar turned to the next page, November, but no EPEC copy had arrived.     Then I decided to wait for another month, another page was torn down to fire a charcoal...and the month is now December.

I begun to worry. Two months of no copy is already not good.  I need to inform MOM. So I decided to email them,
I have received an email from MOM on Sept. 2009 stating as follows.

"We are pleased to inform you that your application for an Employment Pass
Eligibility Certificate (EPEC) EPEC-2009-XXXX has been approved. Your
certificate will be sent to your mailing address:

        Address in PHILIPPINES"

Until now, I still haven't receive the certificate from your office.
They replied to me that they will resend it as soon as possible. So, again, another days and months of waiting...until the date was February. That was 5 months after my approval.  But then postman, with a dog biting on his feet, came.

Again, I sent a follow up email and told them:
"I would like to inform you that I still haven't receive the letter, EPEC, from your office.  Kindly check if it was already sent to the address below:


I am planning to go to Singapore after I receive the letter.  Hoping to receive it soon."
Their reply was:
The certificate has been mailed.  It might be lost in the process of delivering.  You might want to provide an alternative address for mailing.
I gave them a new address and hoping that someone will knock on our door with the copy of my EPEC.

Until it was time for me to go to Singapore, my copy did not arrive.

I don't know who to blame...

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  1. Helo Mr. Ben. Thank you for creating this blog. Actually I find it useful especially for those who wish to go to singapore..hehe I have question to ask. When they asked me to upload the documents, I didnt mind the file names of the documents I submitted though the byte size of each docs met the byte size requirements by the EPEC site. Will it affect the process??
    Eg. The file name of my diploma and tor are "qualifications.jpg" and "Qualification2.jpg" respectively. Um hope you reply..thanks BEN and more power

  2. Hi,thank you very much for reading my blog...this is my answer to your question.

    Feel free to ask more questions...

  3. Mr. Ben!!
    Where's your post on this - "How I got my EPEC copy at Singapore? (Sorry, this is for posting soon...keep in touch!)?"

    I also have an approved EPEC but I still haven't received my letter. It's more than 4 weeks since I received my approved letter via email :)

  4. I'm making my whole story from my approved epec 'til landing a job here...I'm posting each of it everyday, starting on Wednesday. I'll try to finish that portion on Sunday. Thanks for reading.

  5. hello,

    may ask lang po ako sa inyo activate ko po yung epec ko ngayon pero may problema po ako. iba na po yung passport number ko Kesa dati. ano po ilalagay ko pag activate ko na siya?yung dati ko na passport o bago po?salamat im about to activate na kasi.

  6. additional ko lang kasi yung epec ko last year pa siya ngayon ko lang napag decide na punta sa sg.hope you could help. at pag dumating ba ipa ko na approved yun epec puede 1 way na lang tiket ko kunin kasi di naman ako manggagaling sa pinas?para na rin makatipid
    thank you.. hope masagot mo ako agad.

  7. I can't give you the right answer regarding expired passport. But I think you should bring the old and new passport together when you visit ICA.

    EPEC certificate has 2 years validity(check what's written on your certificate) and if activated to LTVP, you have 1 year to stay in Singapore to find a job.

    One way ticket is a capital NO! Philippine Immigration won't allow one way tickets if you're a tourist(no work permit). You can read my post about that on March 21, 2010.

  8. 1. im here now in thailand,is it okay if one way ticket only going to singapore?
    2. i supposed to activate my EPEC online but one of the requirements is my passport i need to put their my old passport number or the old one? thanks so much...

  9. 1.Thailand should have no problem if you have 1 way ticket to SG.
    2.If your old passport is expired or reached the 6-months validity, then you have to put the new passport. Then when you visit ICA, bring along a copy of the old for their reference. :)

  10. Hey Ben!

    Thanks for your blogging, it's great!

    I've been thinking on going there on Sept and applying the EPEC on mid July. I wanted to apply earlier, but from I was told, the EPEC has expiration date and therefore, I shouldn't do it too early. If I want to move to SG by mid Sept, when would you suggest I should I apply the EPEC taking into consideration that it can take over a month of waiting time to get it in the mail (if approved of course)as well as it has expiration date (btw, how long is it good for?)

  11. Get your EPEC as early as possible. If approved,you have 2 years to activate it personally at Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA)in Singapore. Once activated, you'll be given 1 year(Long Term Visit Pass)to look for jobs legitimately. Check this link...

  12. I just received my epec certificate after 1 month of waiting (application,approval and mail), just to realize that on my particulars my gender info is wrong.

  13. WOW thickface, Congrats!Just e-mail MOM about your problem. It's easy for them to re-print it and you can also claim it here in Singapore. :)

  14. hello Ben! My EPEC was approved and I'm in SG already. Will it be okay to have the result mailed to my SG address? or will there be anyway I can just get it to MOM office?

    your suggestion/comments are highly appreciated...

  15. You can call the number 6438 5122 and ask for the Officer that handled your EPEC. You may just ask for assistance. I got my copy here in Singapore. My story..

  16. hi, so if i understood it correcy, is it true that it took 6months from sept 2009- march 2010 to get your EPEC certificate on mail?
    how long did it take after you gave a new mailing address?
    i am having exactly the same problem as you've is 2months since approval and 2 weeks since resent mail from MoM. any suggestions is mch appreciated.

  17. Hi, my EPEC never came to my mailing address in Philippines, that is why I'm worried during that time.

    So, I informed the MOM Officer that I will claim it personally as soon as I arrive in Singapore. I received my certificate at the MOM Havelock Building .


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