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Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Put Google Adsense on each Post of Blogger dot com

I used this for my blog and was asking myself how to place a Google Adsense inside my post.  I like the idea of positioning my Adsense at the right side of each post.

So, I did my research about it and might as well share it to you.

How to Place Google Adsense on each of my or Blogger Post?

1. Go to your Google Adsense account and create an Ads code.

2. Copy the code then go to to Parse your Ads code.  Take note that if your code is not Parsed, it will not work.

3. Copy the Parsed code.

4. Go to you account > Design Edit HTML.

5. Tick the box of "Expand Widget Template"

6. Find this code "<data:post.body/>".

7. Just above it, paste the Parsed Adsense code with a wrapping code "<div style='float: right;'>" at the beginning and "</div>" at the end.

<div style='float: right;'>
Paste your parsed adsense code here


8.  If you want your ads displayed at the right side of your post, change the wrapping "float:right" to "float:left".

9.  You're now done with the coding, then SAVE TEMPLATE.

10. View your blog, the ads may appear after 10 minutes.

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