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Thursday, September 25, 2014

SMART Way to Help OFW Reunite with Relatives in Philippines

Imagine yourself that you've been here in Singapore working for quite sometime. Probably for a year or more than you could imagine.

I have met and talked with my fellow OFW and asked them if they had gone home lately.  Some have not gone home for a year or even 3 years.

Yes, I know that Philippines is near and we can just buy an air ticket worth S$240 and after 3 hours, we can meet our family. This is ideal if you have a descent job and no mouths to feed back home.

You have to consider the fact that in Singapore, not all OFWs are fortunate.  There are some who doesn't have enough money and cannot afford to go back home.  They will just be sitting at the corner of their room longing for the expiration of their contract.

Reading this post is a sign that you are fortunate enough to have  an access to the internet.  That means you can afford to buy a cellphone or a laptop bundled with Wifi and probably a data plan.

But, some OFWs in Singapore cannot afford such things.  What they do is to visit their religious groups or organizations and spend quality time there with their friends and co-members.

Then others will visit Lucky Plaza to meet their friends and acquaintances.  This is a fact and what you should know about OFWs in Singapore.

Someone Listened 
Fortunately, one company had answered the prayers and wishes of some of our Kababayans.  They were able to talk and meet with their relatives with the help of the latest technology.

On 20-21 September 2014, SMART Pinoy Singapore had come up with an idea on how to reunite OFWs and their love ones in Philippines through the use of the video conferencing.

SMART Pinoy Singapore "All the Way Kamustahan Portal" has been successfully launched on that beautiful weekend at 11am - 5 pm.

Lucky Plaza was so lucky enough to be housed by OFWs longing to see their relatives in a giant screen setup at the Smart Pinoy Center.

At the same time, SM Dasmarinas Cavite OFW relatives were also excited to view their Ate, Kuya, Nanay, Tatay, Dadd, etc., who are working in Singapore, at the big screen.

A series of entertainment with fun and laughter were performed by the talented individuals at the SM Dasma Cavite.

Look and feel the excitement from both sides of two countries, Singapore and Philippines.

SM Dasma Cavite was full of people with big smiles on their faces.

 SMART Pinoy Singapore had also given giveaways to those who attended the event.

This is not the first time SMART Pinoy had done a good job for us.  They had launched the same event in Malaysia on September 13-14, 2014 (11am-5pm).

This is how SMART Pinoy Singapore loves us, OFWs, the SMART Pinoy way of giving back to the heroes of the new century.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The HOBBIT: The Battle of the Five Armies - First UK Teaser

On December, just the perfect time of our bonuses, The HOBBIT: The Battle of the Five Armies
will be shown in Singapore Cinemas.

This is the Final part of The Hobbit Trilogy by Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Saga.

Watch and share the epic movie of the year 2014.  War against the dark lord and the Dragon Smaug, where the dwarves fought for their treasure kept hidden at the Lonely Mountain.

Watch the defining chapter of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy:

"The HOBBIT: The Battle of the Five Armies"  first UK Teaser

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